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If you’d like to browse the list, no sign up is necessary. Click on “Men” to see the men’s list, and on “women” to see the women’s. Once there, you can search for a particular person, using the person’s name, or his “year of birth”, or any other relevant information you have. You may also conduct a search, by using a keyword.

For example, let’s say you are looking for those who were born in Yazd. Choose “Yazd” from the dropdown menu at ”Country of Birth”, and then click on “search”. All those who were born in “Yazd” will be displayed.

You may also conduct a search , based on a “keyword”. Let’s say your grandfather worked for the Iranian oil company, and you are helping him search for some of the people, with whom he worked, and are now deceased. Type “Oil” in “Keyword”, and anyone having “Oil” as a keyword in his tribute page, will be displayed.

You can also leave a comment on anyone’s memorial page. Your comment, if approved by the page sponsor, will be posted on the page.

Setting up a Memorial:

If you want to set up a memorial page for someone, or pay someone a tribute, Click on “My Tribute Page”.

Then there is a 5 step process:

Step 1) Enter information about the Deceased Person.

  1. First name, then, Last name (of the deceased).
  2. Profession / Occupation( optional). You may write “ Artist”, or “Scholar” or “Army Major” or “Teacher” or” Grocer” or “Businessman”,…etc., or you may leave it blank.
  3. Gender (of the deceased ): Choose “Male” or “Female.
  4. (Approximate or Exact) Year, when the deceased was born. The dates are in Roman calendar, so if you know their year of birth in Iranian calendar, you’ d normally add 621 years to it, to adjust it to the Roman calendar. It does not have to be the exact year; approximate year of birth would due. If you have no clue, you may choose “Unknown” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Country of Birth of the Deceased: If the deceased was born in Iran, you need to select where in Iran he was born. If you don’t know, or are not sure, select “ Iran-somewhere.” Otherwise select the province of Iran where he or she was born, and then , on the next question, you are prompted to say which city in the province he was born. Again you can pick one city, or if the city is not mentioned, write the name of the city or village in the next spot, where it says “enter city”.
  6. (Approximate or Exact) Year , when deceased died.(See d above)
  7. Country of Death of the Deceased (See e above). Many passed away in Europe , and the USA, and elsewhere abroad. The States of the USA are on the list. Please feel free to fill in the city if you know it. European countires are on the list, but you need to type the city, where the deceased passed away, there.
  8. Biography/Details( click “Farsi’ or “English” to pick in what language to write this. The system may initiate you with Farsi by default; by sure to click on “English” if you are typing in English): Write about the Deceased and the kind of person he ( or she) was.
    Please note: The Farsi text needs to be typed directly in the box. Cut and paste of Farsi text from another source may not work properly.
  9. Applicable keywords: Here add any terms or words that are associated with the deceased so if someone is looking for them, it would help them narrow down their searches. For example, if the deceased was born in Shiraz, went to Hafiz High school, served in the military, loved to play soccer, and piano, wrote poetry, worked for the oil company, had a son by the name of Parviz, later moved to France, became a sociologist, and then moved to the USA, lived there for 10 years, and then died tragically in a car accident, in Texas, you may choose one or all the following keywords, separated by a comma: Shiraz, Hafiz High School, military, soccer, piano, poetry, oil company, Parviz, France, sociology, USA, car accident, Texas. Once all this information is entered, click “Next”.

Step 2) Pick the template you’d like to have display the picture and the information about your deceased loved one. Look at them by clicking directly on the thumbnail template and enlarging them. Once you see one you like, select it by clicking on the small circle under that template. Then click “Next”.

Step 3) Upload a picture of the deceased that you’d like to display. Please note the suggested sizes. The picture may not appear properly if the picture you uploaded was too large, or too small.

Step 4) Information about YOU: Write your name the way you want it to appear on the tribute page. You can use your first name and last name, or just your first name, or just initials. It is up to you, but this name will appear on the page . If you wrote your name as “Sam T.”, on the bottom of the tribute page it would state ”This page been created by Sam T., on 9-29-2008”, Then, you’d need to enter your email address. And finally, you need to select who the deceased was, to you (Your Grandfather, your grandmother, your uncle,…etc. ). Here you review everything and make sure all the information is correct. If not, you can go back by clicking on “Previous”, go to the page where there is an error, and then “Next” your way back.

Step 5) The Final Step. Here you can see the page you created by clicking on “See Preview”. If anything is inaccurate, or needs to be edited, do so by clicking on “Edit info”. Otherwise, proceed to “Pay Subscription”.

Here you need to choose which plan applies to you. “Platinum” and “Gold”, are for recent deaths; the deaths that occurred in 2009. “Platinum” comes with a Photostory, and for a recent death, “Gold” does not. “Gold” and “Silver” are for the deaths that occurred in 2008 and prior to that. Again, one has a Photostory feature, and the other one does not.

You may choose to pay for the “Silver” plan by your “PayPal” account. For “Platinum” and “Gold”, you need to have a credit card. Once we receive your payment, your page will be up and running in less than 48 hours. You will receive an email with your log in information and a receipt for your payment.


Along with your subscription, a guestbook is placed on your page. If a comment is made on your guestbook by a visitor, you may review it by logging in to your account, using the log in information you received. Then you can choose to post the comment to your guestbook, or opt to delete it.

Please be aware that your page still has to be reviewed and approved by us, before it is posted on the site. This may take up to 48 hours. Also, we reserve the right to disapprove any page, or entry, for any reason.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write us at:

And remember:
- This is a memorial site.
- Let’s us all be respectful of the deceased.

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