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Everybody get 30 days for free. Once the 30 days expires, you may choose one of the three plans. No credit card or payment is needed to sign up and set up a page.

After 30 days, there are three plans available: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. There is also a Free Plan, for those who passed away before 1968.

If you are adding the name of a deceased who passed away in 2009, you need to choose Platinum, or Gold.

If you are adding the name of a deceased who passed away between 1968 and 2008, you need to choose Gold or Silver.

Keep your membership and your page up, as long as you want. You may cancel any time, after you sign up.

Plan Name Year of Passing Memorial Page Guestbook Photostory Price

*To have a Photostory, you need to email us up to 20 pictures that you want to be included, and we will have it up for you within 3 days. (You may also send us a video clip, in digital format, up to 5 minutes long- to be uploaded to the page, instead of a photostory if you choose)

** The Free Plan excludes historical figures. Historical figures are at the discretion of the Webmaster.

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